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July 26th, 2011, 17:17
I see that they made the game a lot easier with patch 1.3 after all. You now get armour that is as least as good as, for instance the raven armor you can import, but the game itself also feels a lot easier.

As an experiment I tried out the prologue on "easy" with patch 1.3, and there is simply zero challenge to it - a 6-year old girl can do it. Why can't the people who struggled on the harder difficulties just leave well enough be, and play the game on an easier setting? Some of us need a challenge, not an interactive movie - if I wanted to watch a movie I would have stuck with the Witcher TV show.

As for battle mechanics, at least the first Witcher game allowed you a bit of variety in your battle strategies. Certain foes could be killed more easily with certain weapons, and certain signs worked better than others on particular foes. What worked with which specific ones could be researched, adding to the depth of the gameplay experience.
You could research and experiment with potions. Different styles worked better on different enemies. (Fast, strong, group)

Now in Witcher 2, strategy has been thrown out the window; you don't use different styles beyond strong and fast, and you can't upgrade them into combo's anymore.

So now even CDPR has yielded to the pressure to remove all depth and complexity and make all games into a generic mashing of buttons.

I guess I won't bother doing upgrades to my PC anymore in the future - newer games are just becoming less worth it.

Yes, I know I sound rather bitter, and as if I rather belong on the Codex at the moment… I'm just feeling so frustrated by this whole "streamlining" process that seems to be affecting all the franchises I used to enjoy.
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