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July 26th, 2011, 23:05
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
I have shelved Fallout New Vegas, unfinished. I might actually wait to finish the game until all DLC's have been released. According to Steam I have 170 hours in the game, that's perhaps the most I given a game ever. At this point I have done every quest in the game (using a 2nd Character for some "evil" ones). My main character have revealed every marked location in all three areas (including Zion and Big Mountain) and done every quest possible up to where you have to make a decision about what faction you wish to win. I have recruited every companion and done every companionquest to the end (except one, which cannot be done until you begun the endgame). I have completed the content for each of the major factions that you can do without screwing up your relationship. I have found the best weapon in the game for each of my companions. I have 45 skillpoints to having 100 in every skill.
JemyM, what changed you from being a SpeedRunner to being a Completionist? Welcome to the darkside.
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