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July 27th, 2011, 15:49
Now I've finished the game

The ending was better than I expected and actually felt less rushed than the rest of the game, though I can see why a lot of players are too worn out by the repetition to enjoy it. It was nice that I actually got some of the choices that I wanted.

The main gripes of map recycling and respawning waves remain, but were less annoying during the end-game (new maps and fairly limited nonsensical respawning).

I'd add another complaint due to an issue that is minor but noticable. Since loot is level-scaled and the supposed named powerful stuff isnt you are likely to end up with the named stuff being considerably worse than the generic drops through much of the game, unless you skip a bunch of sidequests. I think this could have been handled by making sidequests mutually exclusive, which both would shorten the game a bit and increase replay value. I think that would make for a better game in most ways.

7.5/10 seems about right for this game. With more map diversity and no respawning it would be at 8.5 instead. So a solid game with some serious flaws, much like Mass Effect 1 or Jade Empire. Luckily even a weak Bioware title is decent. I wont bother with DLC unless it adds to the story a la Awakenings, but Ill gladly buy DA3.

I think the game would have been received much better if it had been from some other dev and there hadnt been a DAO to build up expectations. As things stand some sloppy design decisions obscure improvements (in ruleset and companion interaction where it is much harder to keep everyone happy).
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