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July 28th, 2011, 00:28
Finally started playing Civilization 5 a few days ago, having bought it for 66% off in one of the many "summer sale" deals. I went in with a bit of trepidation, having heard many complaints about the game, but after spending some time with it, I don't think it's deserved the backlash it has received. I've only put in 15 hours or so, but so far it seems like a very solid addition to the Civ series. The removal of the "stacks of doom" is very much appreciated, as it finally adds some much-needed depth to combat and military pursuits. The Civilization management is still quite meaty, so I'm not sure why strategy fans are accusing the game of being "dumbed down;" I just don't see it as such, personally, and I've played every Civ with the exception of the first one. Diplomacy is about the only aspect of the game that feels under-cooked, but that has always been a disappointing part of Civ in my opinion anyway. I'm certainly enjoying Civ 5 more than I thought I would. Any other strategy fans give this one a go yet?
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