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July 28th, 2011, 08:40
suffered a painful death at the hands of a pumpkin boss in DoD, so I started playing "Trapped Dead".
It seems like an alright 3rd person zombie tactical rts game, but it has some real problems. Unreponsiveness and clunky controls, stamina that depletes way too quickly, small annoyances like having to put your melee weapon away to open a door (and getting attacked when it opens), and the strange ability for zombies to be able to "smell" your blood when youre injured and show up in packs from miles around to try and kill you, have me dying. Limited ammo means lots of melee, and w/ the clunky controls it can be fairly unpredictable, go into an easy fight and walk away half dead. Also has the dreaded checkpoint save system, so I've had to go back and re-kill whole sections of shambling dead. The style is right, the game's heart is in the right place, it just needs to cook a while longer I think.

There's also none of our beloved "rpg elements" in the game either. Your characters never get any new abilities, they just pick up new weapons and club/shoot the zombies. Despite all this I may try and slug thru it, this game is for hardcore zombie destroyers only tho.
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