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July 28th, 2011, 13:40
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My BG1 playthrough as Sorc was a disaster. They just don't learn enough to spells to be useful until waaaaaaay later in the game. I'm currently playing Fighter/Cleric in BG1.
My trick as a sorc was to bring along kagain as a duo as he has 20 con and regens completely every rest. Then with just the 2 of you, you can go to the basilisk area and take the friendly ghoul and kill all the basilisks and gain about 5 levels…..you get 8000 exp for one greater basilisk and 2000 per lesser. After that you go straight to the flesh golem cave where you get 2000exp per flesh golem (use mirror image to take the hits and stoneskin once you hit level 7) and you jut keep resting there and can get level 9 in about an hour with just you and kagain. The rest of the game is then a cakewalk.

Fighter/Cleric is probably quite powerful due to the share number of spells you can get i.e. 21 wisdom, and then 23 wisdom in BG2. Couple with the str enhancing spells you can easily have 25 str in most battles due to how many 4th level spells you will end up with.

I certainly didn't speed run though. My paladin (+5npcs) run took about 35 hours and completed every subquest, Sorc (duo) about 20 hours although didn't do everything, and my fighter mage (+5npcs) is about 35 hours and just hit the city of BG (cleared everything else apart from TotSC).
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