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August 3rd, 2011, 00:30
Dte has a good build as well; remember he soloed to 17 before crafting came out and he started doing that instead. Of course, now he needs to run the raids in order to craft, as you need raid loot to craft with… At any rate, I think Fairythief is of a similar build as well. Though the guild doesn't have many Rangers; there's Fireflash, Wouldii, Fairythief, and Murianni.

My Ranger, Fireflash, is based on the Exploiter build on the DDO forums. Rogue 1, then Ranger 12, then Fighter 1, then rest as a Ranger. I'm using Half-Elf for a racial feat, which gives me 40 more hp over a human, or about 70 more than an Elf or Drow. The "Classic" Exploiter is human, and used Monk instead of Fighter (both get an extra feat at level 1). I made the mistake of going True Neutral instead of Lawful Neutral, otherwise mine would be the same.

The classic combines AC, fair dps, and Rogue skills making for a versatile build. Mine is more focused on melee dps, ignoring AC entirely. I still keep up disable device, though I dumped Open Lock. Mine is a little bit sturdier than the classic, though again between the unarmored AC bonus and WIS to AC the monk level grants, and Combat Expertise the classic can reach 60-80 AC with effort.

Murianni is an Arcane Archer build. I'm not familiar with them near as much, so I can't comment on how to build one. In the right hands, they are highly effective. In the wrong hands they give nothing but aggravation.

I suggest trying a little of everything before settling in on a class. Find what YOU like to play. DDO is quite a bit more versatile and open in how you build a character; there are melee-build Sorcerers and Clerics doing quite well for themselves, and at least one Barbarian who was able to raise the dead from a scroll. Some classes are of course focused onto certain things, like Clerics and their powerful divine offensive casting, crowd control, and unmatched healing abilities.
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