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August 3rd, 2011, 04:56
I'd do a couple things different with Wouldii if I was starting over, but he did fairly well for me. He's a pure ranger, focusing on two weapon melee. Can do OK with bows when necessary, can self-heal to some extent, and has enough skill points to max both spot and search. The weaknesses of the build are primarily HP related—armor is somewhat weak and there's no offsetting ability (monk and rogue evasion, for example) to mitigate it so you take a fair bit of damage; hit dice are smaller than fighters and there aren't as many opportunities to pick up toughness/CON boosts. Wouldii is also hindered by his gear, or lack thereof, but that's more my fault and the fact that he was already over-level by the time I got access to some of the good loot quests (Red Fens, Lordsmarch 1&2, all the raids).

If you're really interested in a pure ranger, I'd definitely think about the arcane archer build. At the lower levels they don't impress much, but Murianni can bring some serious whoopass these days. We could give jmurdock a poke to describe the build if you're interested—she doesn't always visit the forums regularly.

Fairythief is my daughter's toon, and we just put her name on Wouldii's build plan so those characters are basically identical.

Like Az says, I wouldn't be too quick to lock in on a class. I'm a dedicated Disciple of the Pointy Stick, but I'm currently spending the most time with a healbot cleric and a melee rogue. Wouldn't have believed I'd enjoy those at all when I put together my first toon (great axe barbarian) many moons ago. A couple guild members keep hassling me to build a hocus-pocus type, and I've gotten to the point where I no longer puke at the thought.
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