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August 3rd, 2011, 23:33
Rangers get evasion at 9, actually. So long as you can keep their reflex saves up there, they can actually do fairly well. Fireflash will be working on adding the +10 Reflex save to the Harbringer armor I have fairly soon. I just need to slot Heavy Fort somewhere.

HP is an issue, which is party why I went Half-Elf. I got +2 CON from enhancements (meaning 20hp at level 20) and two additional Toughness enhancements for another 20hp. 330 at level 14, and I'm missing a Toughness item(20hp) and the Argonessan favor (10hp). The build figures to around 500hp with a Greensteel hp item (45hp) at level 20. 500hp + evasion + self-buffing to some extent = very survivable build. Human would be down 30hp, but still 470 is not a squishy by any means. Especially with Evasion.

Of course, I could have went for 3d6 SA damage as well, losing 30hp (the fighter level gives me 1 toughness enhancement that doesn't stack with the dil feat) but gaining a rather significant boost to damage.

AC in DDO requires a huge grind to build to usable levels, unless you're a Monk and have AC bonuses coming out the ying-yang. Monk splashes seem to be the common AC build method these days, whether Clonks (Cleric/Monk) or Exploiters or Monk-splashed Paladins. I've not had any issues just ignoring AC entirely; takes a lot more damage, but I'm also not having to sacrifice elsewhere to get AC to the 80-90 or so you need outside of epics. Epic, forget it. I've spoken to people with 100+ AC who get hit constantly there.
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