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Default The true Xenus treasure - SPOILER

August 5th, 2011, 00:08
Just by accident I discovered the true treasure of the Xenus stone.

After finding and combining the Xenus fragments you get the location of the temple. Inside there is only a necklace, worth 10.000 pesos, and that's it.

Well, not quite. After walking the path of the believer (I am just making this up here) and leaving the temple at the exit something happens inside the temple. How I knew that? It was just a itching feeling that something wasn't right. So, I went back to the entrance, entered the temple again and discovered another necklace. Not the one I had taken, but another one. O gosh, this temple is an ancient replicator!

So, you can take the necklace as many times as you wish. Is this a spoiler? I am not sure, because you will be near the end of the game before you can do this quest. And to get here you need to earn you money otherwise first.
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