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August 5th, 2011, 04:53
Hey, are there auction house scripts? It's happened to me numerous times, but last night was just ridiculous. I bid on an item with 9 hours left on the timer and zero bids. That means that the item had been on for a minimum of 15 hours prior to my bid with no activity. Literally 2 minutes after my bid, somebody bid against me. 15 hours of nothing (there were 3 identical items available, BTW, and I was working on the only one that didn't have a buyout). I placed one more bid, which was countered within 3 minutes. At that point, I walked away.

I'm willing to believe in coincidence, but I've had similar experiences way too many times. A week ago, I put in a bid on a Muckbane. There were 8 copies for sale, 3 of which had no buyout. I bid on the cheapest, although all 3 were within a hundred pp or so (~1300pp). Within 30 minutes, all 3 had identical bids of 3750pp (which wouldn't be possible with normal "step" bids").

I have a hard time believing there are people running DDO "Ebay stores", which leads me to scripts. Any knowledge, folks?
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