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August 6th, 2011, 12:24
And then Bethesda sues Notch again be cause 'Minecraft' sound a little like 'Daggerfall' if you are far away, underwater and half deaf.

Seriously this has to be one of the most ridiculous things I've heard lately… it sounds more like bullying to me. Maybe these guys at Bethesda are just jealous because Notch makes more money than them without trying as hard and without wasting tons of it on awesome graphics, radiant intelligent mudcrabs and armies of marketing people and lawyers.

Hey also. does anyone think that this might actually have something to do with the fact that the official release date for Minecraft will be 11/11 - the same as Skyrim? I can't think of why, maybe it's just a coincidence, but if Bethesda is actually seriously scared by an indie's competition that'd be really awesome!
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