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August 6th, 2011, 22:59
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Scariest game ever?

"Don't Forget… some things mustn't be forgotten. The shadow hunting me… I must hurry. My name is Daniel, I live in London at… at… Mayfair… What have I done? This is crazy. Don't forget, don't forget. I must stop him. Focus! My name is… is… I am Daniel."

With those words, and brief glimpses of a dark environment, you collapse on the floor. When you wake up and focus, you grasp that you are inside a dark castle, no clue where or when. All you got are those rose petals scattered on the floor, that seems to create a path for you to follow.

A few spooks and some major drops of insanity later you find yourself with the task of stopping him while escaping the shadow hunting you…

Engine: Graphics & Sound
Amnesia is a first-person physics-based adventuregame. As a such it have a very modern 3d engine that is very pleasent to look at, although one could have wished for more when it came to what is meant to look like human beings that looks like something from 1999. Pushed to max, it made my OC i7 [email protected] and SLI480GTX to crawl. However, this is only when you set SSAO Samples to 128 which is completely meaningless. You can't see the difference between 32 and 128 and 32 ran just fine.

The audio is awesome. It will most definitely assist in creeping you out. Not only that but the voiceacting is extraordinary. Even if there are very few voices in the game, especially the main characters voices will stick in your head and you will probably remember them after finished the game.

Amnesia is a first-person physics-based adventuregame. It's puzzles often rely on you to pick up items and use them in the environment. That said, the actual puzzles aren't that many throughout the game. The main challenge really is to navigate the often pitch-black corridors with your nerves intact.

Have you ever played games like Undying, in which you begin really scared, only to find your first weapon and then it's a breeze? Amnesia is not that game. Amnesia is a first-person Survival Horror-game in which there simply are no weapons and no way to kill the awful monsters scattered around the castle. Even looking at the enemies makes your sanity drop and when your sanity drops too much you collapse to the floor. Then you have to struggle to get up again, which often means game over if a monster see you. All you can do when a monster is onto you, is to run and try to hide in the shadows. Did I tell you that darkness drops your sanity as well?

I do not wish to boast, but I tend to have nerves of steel. I rarely get scared by a computergame and I have played most of them. I have long considered Condemned the only game that could get to me. Then came Penumbra, the first trilogy made by the developer who now made Amnesia and yeah, those three were quite creepy. But not even them compare to Amnesia, which is a really evil game. Once you are done with the main story, have a look at youtube and check out some of the "amnesia reaction" videos. They are often hillarious.

Final Verdict
Amnesia isn't so much of a game as it is an experience meant to make you terrified. As a such, this is THE best horror-game ever. If you are a horror fan, nothing should stop you from checking this game out. If you aren't, well, I hope you have some nerves left if you dare to try.
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