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August 6th, 2011, 22:12
Amnesia: Justine (DLC)
A DLC which is automatically added to the game from patch v1.2 and higher.

You wake up in a cell with a phonograph next to you, by a monster banging on the door. Next to you is a phonograph with a womans voice telling you that you are now part of a test. Who you are and who this "Justine" is, seems to be the mystery you need to solve, if you survive that is.

Justine is very loosely tied to the story of Dark Descent and is mostly a short sidestory.

Justine plays just like the first game, although you can't save, so you need to solve the whole thing in one sitting which can be quite annoying (takes about 30min). There are also some annoying tasks you need to solve like stacking crates to get up high.

Final Verdict
If you are an amnesia fan you can check it out. You already got the DLC afterall.
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