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August 7th, 2011, 11:19
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As far as Amnesia goes, I thought it was a decent game from a small developer, but nowhere near to being the scariest game ever. Different types of horror affect people in different ways though, and I've never really been creeped out by the "haunted house" type atmosphere that Amnesia had.
What makes something "most ever"? To answer that question I think you should go for the base-rate, not your own opinion.

There are plenty of layers to what makes someone afraid, just like you say. There are also different tastes when it comes to food. What Amnesia does is to catch a wider range of scare tactics than most horrorgames, kinda like a buffet restaurant. It is misleading to boil down the game to "the haunted house"-formula.

In it's psychological techniques it uses darkness, sound, distorted vision (causing confusion and robbing your senses), the feel of being alone and desolated, the feel of guilt (SH2 built on this), the coldness of rational evil, undefeatable danger, weird/sudden/unexpected events, the sense of being hunted, insects and gore. By the same time the game offers very few soothing elements such as weapons, resting grounds, huds and 3rd-person mode that make you remember "it's just a game", minimaps etc.

This makes Amnesia a "catch all" kind of game, where a wider range of people is affected by it. Personally I am not affected at all by plenty of these elements, but having watched youtube videos there are people who just walk right past things that "gets me", just to be freaked out by something I found completely unscary. And that is the point. If you wish to go for the "best ever" you need diversity to cover a wider range of people.

So I am going to stick with the "scariest ever" until a game have been presented that catches an ever wider range of fears and thus affects an even wider range of people.
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