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August 8th, 2011, 09:08
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
What makes something "most ever"? To answer that question I think you should go for the base-rate, not your own opinion.
Except that doesn't work, because what is "scary" to one person might not be to another. That sort of thing is completely subjective and differs between individuals. You also have no way of knowing how many other people felt the same way about it.

Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
In it's psychological techniques it uses darkness, sound, distorted vision (causing confusion and robbing your senses), the feel of being alone and desolated, the feel of guilt (SH2 built on this), the coldness of rational evil, undefeatable danger, weird/sudden/unexpected events, the sense of being hunted, insects and gore. By the same time the game offers very few soothing elements such as weapons, resting grounds, huds and 3rd-person mode that make you remember "it's just a game", minimaps etc..
I'm familiar with what the game offered, I finished it last Winter. I simply didn't find it very impressive in that way. It was tense at times, and the pacing was good, but I was never really creeped out for whatever reason. I could easily list 5-6 games that had a more effective atmosphere (to me) than Amnesia.
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