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August 8th, 2011, 14:15
Just an update to say that after a brief slowdown due to RL (tm) the series is being updated again. (Note to any LPers - don't try to do both a video and a screenshot *1 LP of the same game)

Episode 24 - Plot! The Net of the Mask has a funny definition of 'Secret Society'! Dodgy dealings in front of the Persian Trade House!

Comments on this section - not being able to tell Tusker about the dead guard seems a majour oversight, but on the other hand he is a slimy bastard.

More annoying is that I seem to have missed a Gate Statue and its attendant skill - hoping that I'll find it in the Arsenal district which I unlocked at the end of this session.

*1 Running on RPG.net's video games forum
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