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August 8th, 2011, 16:30
Your conversation reminds me of this.

MechCommander 2
MechCommander is a real time tactical game, set in the BattleTech universe (same setting as MechWarrior). You have a few mechs under your command in each mission, and you get to salvage the opponents mechs after each battle, thus growing your army. You also have a limited amount of pilots, who gain experience and new skills as they fight through the campaign.

Where the first MechCommander was incredibly unforgiving and hard, the second game swings over to the incredibly easy side of the spectrum. You will get plenty of mechs as the game progresses, so losing a few is not a big issue, and money is so plentiful that it becomes pointless.
The core mechanics of the game are solid, and while there are some severe balancing issues, the game still works surprisingly well. The graphics are not bad, even though the game is old and the live action cutscenes are just cheesy enough. Overall, had they fixed the balancing issues (long range weapons are just too good) and made the game a bit harder, then it would have been a hit, but as it stands, I would only recommend this to people who either don't like it when games are hard, or to people who are brand new to real time tactics games.
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