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August 8th, 2011, 16:32
Providing a wider range of scares means nothing, unless you can evaluate the "combined" scare factor - which is of course impossible.

It's essentially the same argument people use to call Avatar or Titanic the best movies in the world, because they include elements to touch the most people.

What they seem to miss, which is very much in keeping with Jemy's usual ignorance of nuance, is that all those things might not end up weighing the same together, as any individual or combination of a few elements might. That's because, as JDR pointed out, things touch us all in different ways - and they also depend on execution rather than merely existence.

So, while Amnesia could theoretically scare more people - it might not scare these people very much at all. A game which scares fewer people more, could easilly be argued to be scarier overall. To add more complexity - which is of course inconvenient if you can only see the world in two colors - some people might need a particular LEVEL of being scared - for it to even register as being scary.

For the record, I didn't find Amnesia particularly engaging.




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