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August 9th, 2011, 04:57
There are several on the forums who feel that Artificer should NOT get crafting bonuses. Reason being as it's "pay to win" in the crafting grind. And crafting is seriously too much a grind, which is why I've ignored it for the most part. Adding in stuff like Silver Flame pots (need 400 favor to get) killed crafting for all but the extreme veterans, who have heavily-geared multi-TRs.

And no, Artificer from what I can guess does not sound appealing to me. However, wait until tomorrow, then it can REALLY sound unappealing.

I'm more interested in the new raids and the accompanying quests. From the description, this will be the first pack that actually gives a role-playing bonus; for those who play a Warforged. Minor, but very welcome IMO. As an added bonus, it should alleviate the high-level xp farming somewhat.
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