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August 9th, 2011, 14:29
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
Well, I guess we all know you are more of a 'confrontational' type so you probably like multiplayer in games, and probably do a lot of PvP in MMOs But I'm quite the contrary, I couldn't care less about multiplayer in my single player games, and in MMOs I never PvP, I do group with others but only to achieve something or help someone else achieve something. So, HoMM 3 was perfect.
Now, on KB it's a funny thing. I absolutely loved KB1, but never finished KB2, too much of the same thing (maybe it just came too soon after KB1? dunno)
While I'm a confrontational type in some ways, this isn't really about wanting a confrontation from a game. I'm "confrontational" in debates - because I want to be understood - and I absolutely despise when people lie or can't be upfront about what they REALLY feel. Sadly, I've found that ~99 out of 100 people aren't accountable when debating online - so it's pretty stupid of me to engage in these exchanges. Basically, people will do ANYTHING to avoid looking silly or - heaven forbid - appear to have made a mistake in public. Sigh

As for my games, I just want a meaningful experience.

That's highly subjective, obviously, but there is a KIND of game that I largely find uninteresting without multiplayer to support it. Not just COMPETITIVE multiplayer mind you - but just the addition of the human element. I actually prefer cooperative multiplayer if I can have it - but I'll take all kinds.

Games like King's Bounty, Civilization, or Heroes of Might and Magic don't really offer much beyond the "core gameplay". Meaning, they don't have much in the way of story/immersion/exploration - at least not enough to meet my demands.

So, if one doesn't enjoy the core challenge of defeating the AI using a variety of tactics/strategies - the game isn't quite meaningful enough.

When I was younger, I loved Civilization and Master of Orion 2. Games like that.

But at one point, I simply decided that playing them alone was rather pointless. Again, because AIs are boring to me - and not just in terms of challenge. It feels too hollow to "compete/cooperative" with a set of scripts. If there's no story/immersion/exploration - then it can't hold my attention for long.

Just wanted to make myself clear.




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