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August 10th, 2011, 23:43
U11 News:

New Spell: Black Dragon Bolt. Essentially, take Polar Ray, and give it Melf's DoT effect. Earth Savants just got a huge boost.

Rune Arms are the new "weapon"; they give 1 handed melee weapons in the main hand a bonus effect (ie fire, force, etc) but take up the offhand, meaning no TWF/THF. Oddly Crossbows are now technically a 1 handed weapon, and are affected. Unsure about Handwraps, as those are likely broken again anyway.

They can be used as a stand alone weapon. How? Here's a video:

Yes, it can be charged, and the charge shot scales with level apparently.

Sound Blast (the level 1 Arcane Sonic spell) is now AoE, retaining it's daze effect. May be bugged.

Some of the scrolls of the Artificer spells are out.

Oh and store-bought 6th inventory bags.
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