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Unhappy Certain Posts are throwing me out of Rpgwatch!

August 12th, 2011, 00:29
I'm using Windows XP Pro with IE 8 ver as my browser and it's running under InPrivate mode. Everything is completely updated and I've not encountered this problem at any other site I frequent.

There are certain threads containing posts which have pics or animated gifs in them which throw me out of the Rpgwatch site after they start running.

They can be located anywhere in a post that's in the thread. The post does not have to be displayed in the browser window; it could be contained way at the bottom of the thread in one of the posts I haven't reach yet.

As an example: In the General RPG Forum, there is a thread titled
"ME3 to Have Co-Op or MP at Gamescon"
If hover your mouse pointer over the text (might have to move the pointer off the heading & back on again) you will see this link displayed:
Doesn't appear to be that link which throws me from the site (thats a gif of a cat).

Here's the link to the thread itself:

If I click on that thread to read the posts in it, within a few seconds the browser window is taken over by an animated gif of what appears to be a hand flipping through stack of cash, the only option I have is to close the browser window. To return to Rpgwatch I have to reopen IE again.

I'm runing into this a lot the last few days in various threads and I'm close to the point where I may stop reading the forums

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