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August 12th, 2011, 14:04
Originally Posted by Wesp5 View Post
Did you install the patch with the flicker fix option enabled?
hey- many thanks for the reply ! yes i did check the flicker-fix box - i think the problem was that i messed up the install-path and the postprocess-folder stayed outside the precursors folder… i then copied the flicker fix from another poll ….i thought i messed it all up again but somehow i managed to make this work.at least it seems to run all very good now. no flickers. voiceovers are correct- im really happy !
after years waiting for the game and then gamersgate having it on sale,but they ran out of serials… some more days waiting to get an key, trying to install all the patches- re-download the whole thing and repeat… was probably the most nerve-shredding installation i had since Spore…
but it looks like it is worth it- the game really seems to be amazing.
also thanks to your awesome work on this patches and such. thank you so much !!
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