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August 14th, 2011, 00:26
i've said it before buts its all about prior experience with a series and when you play it.
take the bioshock to bioshock 2 comparison as both use the same engine and came out close together. bioshock 2 is an improvement in both gameplay and level design, however it uniqueness is somewhat diluted do to the original being so good and thus limiting the potential impact of the grandiosity that the original had. it was also somewhat of a shorter experience which ties into the next comparison. i like the original slightly better, though both have their strengths. also bioshock was a game i anticipated for longer than it took the sequel to come out and i played it straightaway.

gothic 1 i also played the demo long before it came out and is still one my most fond rpg experiences. the 2nd used the same engine, but unlike bioshock to bioshock 2 it offered not only refined gameplay but over double the content--this factor alone and the fact that some people didn't play the original first is why so many put 2 ahead of one. gothic 2 and notr are great games like all the gothics but the 1st still is a slightly better experience in my memory.

system shock 1 and 2 are quite different from the above two as they are nearly entirely different games. also having played the second one first and it being a perfect setting for me its not even a comparison that i like it far better than the original but this difference in game is why i can see so many who played the original first prefer the original. also i played system shock 2 near release.

which brings us full circle to deus ex. i played the demo for deus ex near release but i wasn't too much into shooters at the time and was far more enamoured with ion storm's anachronox at the time. when i finally got around to playing it, it had been out over a year and i did really enjoy the game immensely. deus ex 2 came around and was clearly beholden to the pull of consoles which if that element hadn't been there it would have been a different story with all the castrated design limits gone and a happy game for all. to me though there are so few cyberpunk games that it could have even been worse in the gameplay department and it would still have been a great game to me. with no members of the originals working on it unlike the above games it will be interesting to see which elements will resonate with people. for me i know i will enjoy the game regardless, but i can always hope for a long lasting memorable game, that makes me want to replay it like both its predecessors.
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