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August 14th, 2011, 03:16
DX2 was mainly a platform shift, from pc to the first xbox, and therefore it was mainly a negative experience for pc players. New graphics engine but awkward basic adjustments. You had to tweak the ini-files manually to gwt rid of the xbox adjustments. A physics engine that went amok and never got fixed (they used havok). Small levels compared to the first DX, permanent loading screens due to the outdated architecture of the xbox. And I remember that sneaking was totally unrealistic. Standing in front of an opponent and not being seen, etc. IIRC. I think that's what killed the fun.

Personally I didn't mind the universal ammo. I appreciated that they slimmed down the whole inventory thing. In some way, DX1 had problem of it's own. For Example, as a beginner you didn't really know from the beginning which weapon system would appear during the game. For me the result was that I skilled the wrong weapon talents. And you really got spammed with totally different weapons and ammo types you couldn't use. On the opposite, the DX:IW character system imho was to simple.

I enjoyed DX:IW, but the whole loading screen thing even within the mission's location was horrible. Bored me to death. I hated Kairo!
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