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August 15th, 2011, 15:42
Bioshock 2

I've been pecking away at this one for several months now, which I think hurt the experience some. Not sure whether it was overfamiliarity after playing Bioshock1 or breaking the game into numerous short sessions, but I didn't get pulled in quite as much this time. Since I don't particularly like shooters, the main attraction for me was spending some more time in Rapture just soaking in the ambience. I played on easy as before, which was (as advertised) pretty darn easy. I did manage to die a few times, which never happened in Bioshock 1, but that was mostly from getting lulled into not paying attention to my health bar since most of the time it was a non-issue. The mechanics were pretty much unchanged from the first game, which was fine with me.

Overall, it was a more-of-the-same game. Like Bioshock1, the environment is engrossing and map mowers get rewarded for their efforts. The story was adequate, and I'm glad they resisted the lure of doing another "twist" at the end. Easy was probably too easy, but suited my desire to focus on the game's atmosphere rather than getting frustrated with my shameful fps skills. If you liked the first one, you'll like Bioshock2.
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