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August 15th, 2011, 17:40
They introduced a couple tweaks to the mechanics that were minor at best (the spear gun was an interesting addition, but I never used it since on easy it was simplest to go toe-to-toe, switching weapons only when forced by ammo shortages), but it's pretty much the same game. I didn't get the idea that 2 was "more" of a shooter than 1, but I suppose that wasn't really an aspect I'd be attuned to anyway.

So, I'd say the contrapositive holds--if you didn't like Bioshock1, you probably won't like Bioshock2 either.

Simply put, if the game's atmosphere doesn't pull you in, there's not much reason to play it. I got the game dirt-cheap on Steam, so while my experience wasn't great, I still got my money's worth.
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