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August 15th, 2011, 18:06
They introduced a couple tweaks to the mechanics that were minor at best (the spear gun was an interesting addition, but I never used it since on easy it was simplest to go toe-to-toe, switching weapons only when forced by ammo shortages), but it's pretty much the same game. I didn't get the idea that 2 was "more" of a shooter than 1, but I suppose that wasn't really an aspect I'd be attuned to anyway.

So, I'd say the contrapositive holds—if you didn't like Bioshock1, you probably won't like Bioshock2 either.

Simply put, if the game's atmosphere doesn't pull you in, there's not much reason to play it. I got the game dirt-cheap on Steam, so while my experience wasn't great, I still got my money's worth.
I guess it might be my mistake to consider it more of a shooter. I've played it 2-3 times and never got past ~50% of the game. It just seemed more "straightforward" as an experience, but maybe that's just because the magic of the setting had worn off by then.

I could have sworn they introduced more ways to "experiment" with weapons and powers - but maybe that's my memory playing tricks.

When games don't "do it for me" - I tend to forget almost all about them almost immediately.

But, sure, it's not a bad game - and if you're the sort of person to consider what's worthwhile based on what you paid for it - I think now is a great time to try it, if you're at all interested.




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