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August 15th, 2011, 18:10
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
Khajiit as long as there were Ohmes-Raht - decent thieves, and they looked good. But my Khajiit battlemage was good, too . After they catified the Khajiit player characters, I went Imperial - smoothtalking is another one of my favorite pastimes in cRPGs.
Yeah, the Imperial race is probably my first choice when going "Human" in TES games.

I remember I played a very noble Paladin-type character in Morrowind - and I did seem to have the upper hand in certain quests with the "Voice of the Emperor" power of the Imperials.

They also look more like myself than the other races - and I tend to roleplay characters that resemble myself, physically. I never play women, for that reason.

Even worse, I tend to play a more "extreme/idealistic" version of myself when I'm not playing my favorite stealth/archer type thing.

Pretty boring, huh?




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