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August 15th, 2011, 18:23
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
Not boring … interesting. I hardly play 'me', not even in a glorified version. In TES I would probably have to play a Breton, and I just don't like their looks.

My animus can be pretty strong at times, so I play guys often . And I really wish I could thieve and talk (and look) like most of my RPG chars.
Yeah, well it IS interesting how we all differ in our approach to this whole roleplaying way of passing the time.

Am I mistaken if I guess that you're very focused on the "aesthetics" of your characters? I mean, the whole visual side to them - along with how they dress and carry themselves?

In my PnP group - I'm kinda known as the "Pragmatist" - and I'm known for making DMs desperate because I end scenarios/campaigns way before it's their time to end - as I "get down to business" in a pretty obscenely focused way. But that's pretty boring when I think about it.

I have a friend who's amazing in terms of "being" his character. It doesn't really take much for him to set aside himself and then "become" another character. He does it with such conviction, that I'm very quick to forget that it's a fantasy and make-believe.

I wish I had that ability sometimes, and even moreso in my computer games - where I spend more time than PnP.

But I can't seem to do anything but what I already do in real-life - only with the added benefit of not facing the real consequence of saying or doing the things I most feel like saying or doing.




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