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August 15th, 2011, 18:46
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Am I mistaken if I guess that you're very focused on the "aesthetics" of your characters? I mean, the whole visual side to them - along with how they dress and carry themselves?
No, you're not mistaken there. If we continue to talk TES, I'm known for ditching very effective +n weapons for something that's not contrasting so starkly with my character's outfit. And I'm usually staying in character, which is easy enough as long as they're sticky-fingered . When creating characters, it takes me hours (and probably several failed attempts) to create the 'perfect' look and background when it comes to visuals … while I'm through in mere seconds when it comes to stats.
I still find it very easy to slip into the role of a preset character, looks- and background-wise. But if I have a choice…
When I had a horse and cart in Daggerfall, it was laden with … clothes. Right, I even ditched weapons to cram more clothes into the cart. And even though there was nothing to gain by it, I spent a lot of time with getting dressed for special occasions. I mean, would you go visit a king in rags or a set of rusty armor?
But I can't seem to do anything but what I already do in real-life - only with the added benefit of not facing the real consequence of saying or doing the things I most feel like saying or doing.
It's not as if I could play any character and any style I wanted, either. There's definitely a border I cannot cross … there's behavior that feels so wrong that I just cannot do it. If I discover that I started a 'nerfed' (not stat-wise, mind you, but character-wise, or playing-style-wise) character, it might very well be that I stop playing and start over even if I'm hours into the game.
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