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August 15th, 2011, 17:57
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
No, you're not mistaken there. If we continue to talk TES, I'm known for ditching very effective +n weapons for something that's not contrasting so starkly with my character's outfit. And I'm usually staying in character, which is easy enough as long as they're sticky-fingered . When creating characters, it takes me hours (and probably several failed attempts) to create the 'perfect' look and background when it comes to visuals … while I'm through in mere seconds when it comes to stats.
I still find it very easy to slip into the role of a preset character, looks- and background-wise. But if I have a choice…
When I had a horse and cart in Daggerfall, it was laden with … clothes. Right, I even ditched weapons to cram more clothes into the cart. And even though there was nothing to gain by it, I spent a lot of time with getting dressed for special occasions. I mean, would you go visit a king in rags or a set of rusty armor?
Hehe, yeah, that would seem to confirm my immediate empathic impression of your playstyle

But it's very interesting to me, because beyond my interest in the human psyche - it does tell me something about my other passionate interest, which is game design.

It tells me how important it is to consider the ability of the player to personally customize his/her character - and to provide as much wealth of variety in terms of the visual appearance and style as is possible given the means.

It's not as if I could play any character and any style I wanted, either. There's definitely a border I cannot cross … there's behavior that feels so wrong that I just cannot do it. If I discover that I started a 'nerfed' (not stat-wise, mind you, but character-wise, or playing-style-wise) character, it might very well be that I stop playing and start over even if I'm hours into the game.
Yeah, I know what you mean - though for me it's very much stat-wise AS WELL as the aesthetics.

A character that's not "optimised" stat-wise - being quite the powergamer - that's probably the numero uno reason for me to start over. Beyond that, though, I simply CAN'T play an "evil" character. I've never, ever, played an RPG with an evil character. I've tried doing evil things, but I invariably reload.

Interestingly, I've played evil characters in PnP - but it doesn't work. Most of all, I feel stunted - and I can't do what an evil character would do - because not only doesn't it match my perception of realistic behavior - it would also upset the other players too much




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