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Default Did you ever feel as you were playing through a fantasy book? but with C&C

August 17th, 2011, 14:55
I realized there is almost no game with a realistic time concept such as I am aiming at. In almost every game I know ( except for some J-games ) time will pass in an extremely unrealistic way ( except for depth of peril ). Like if you spend one year in your houses backyard almost nothing will happen.

What I am aiming at is that the game progress all the time but it'll progress differently depending on your actions.

For example imagine lord of the rings, and the journey to destroy the ring. If you were sitting and waiting in your home you'd soon be a dead hobbit and the ring would be all lost.

The game concept I am imaging here ( again using lord of the rings as example ), is that you pick the persons which you want to take on your journey and leave. You'd also pick the brother hood, and path etc. and it will keep progressing, and one of the ends could be that you actually fail, and the dark lord takes over the world.

I am aware this is immensely complicated to create… but would it be fun for you to play a game like this?
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