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August 17th, 2011, 22:38
I am admittedly a huge fan of Obsidian's work (in terms of personal enjoyment I rate both Alpha Protocol and Kotor2 very highly), but my last two weeks have been something else.

I just Finished New Vegas, and wont be able to go back to Bethsoft's own titles (and I really liked FO3!) again now that I've seen a "proper" game using their engine. I havent been as blown away by a RPG since The Witcher several years ago, or possibly even since the Baldurs Gate/Gothic area. At the moment I'd put New Vegas among my very favourite RPGs (which would be BG2, Morrowind and Gothic I in no particular order). In a way it combines some of my favourite elements of all three.

The best thing about the game is that quality doesnt seem to come at the expense of quantity. There seems to be as much to do as in Fallout 3, locations are more varied, and I will soon start a replay trying a very different type of character taking different sides and focusing on new parts of the map. I finished the main quest without touching many of the side quests and still feel that I've gotten a longish gameplay experience out of it
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