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August 18th, 2011, 15:46
Recently have grown into an Eye of the Beholder 3 apologetic. The primary flaw with EoB3 is that it wasn't made by Westwood, so it faces the same challenge Fallout 3 did. If you can overlook this and only look to the game itself, the next problem comes from it's engine.

Eye of the Beholder 3 used an engine called the AESOP/16 engine that had strong performance problems. A patch was under development (AESOP/32) that fixed all performance issues but was never released. 2009 a fan got his hands on the sourcecode (legally through asking) and got the game running. With AESOP/16 EoB3 runs slow even on a modern PC with DOSBox. It have choppy/broken sound effects and lags all the time. With the updated/fixed version it's as fast as Eye of the Beholder I or II, making the experience much more enjoyable.

The third and real problem is that the story is a bit lacking. I made my own video that summarized the story in my EoB3 playthrough on youtube. After doing so I did not think the story was that bad, even if it was clearly insuperior to EoB2.

EoB3's advantage includes advanced foes. Neither EoB1 or 2 have monsters with obvious vulnerabilities. EoB3 does. Knowing what to use against a monster or not makes a drastic difference in your results. Look at my playthrough of EoB3 compared to the other playthroughs out there and you see what I am talking about. In many levels I run right over monsters, dishing out insane damage, where as others may take up to an hour to get through the same level. You need to know things like vulnerability against blunt weapons, that certain monsters melt metal but not stone etc.
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