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August 19th, 2011, 04:08
Actually I've seen quite a few people running around with pirate hats on.

Corwin, one thing you may have missed about the Artificer is that they get pets. Druids also get pets… in all likelyhood the Artificer class is testing out what will become Druids' (and Rangers and Wizards) animal companions in the future. Leaving only the shapeshifting part to figure out.

They seem more like a Rogue-splashed Bard than a caster, with a few unique perks like the Mega busters. But they do come with Blade Barrier as well, meaning they have one of the best spells in game.

There are caster PrE's and items which boost caster level, but I don't think it even reaches to level 25 yet. However, in PnP, there are rules to take the levels on up to 40 if you wish to slaughter entire solar systems (post level 20 D&D3.x is slightly broken) in a round or two.

I doubt there's a level cap increase coming soon, since not only would that require a lot of new content to let players reach that level, but reworking the capstone enhancement (since 20 would no longer be cap), balance issues with potentially taking two PrE lines to tier 2 (TempestII/RSII anyone?), what to do with current Epic (add more Tarrasques).

Most likely, it's carryover from PnP rules, as there are many spells which scale to such levels. They just implemented them straight up.
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