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August 19th, 2011, 21:26
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
Is there any real difference between the Steam version and the one on his site (outside of having to use steam)?

Also, what does he mean by 'a few weeks'? Is the game only available for a limited time?
I haven't actually gotten it but I did notice there were Steam achievements so there's that but it doesn't look like much else is changed as far as I can tell.

I think by a few weeks he means that games generally sell the most on Steam in the first few weeks after release when they get promoted on the front page and (usually) get a small discount on release. After that the sales tend to be a trickle unless the games go on sale at some point, then the sales will spike again.

I honestly wouldn't be shocked if this goes on a $5 sale at some point once they've pretty much gotten all the sales they are going to get out of it at the $10 price point.
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