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August 20th, 2011, 09:33
I got through Deux Ex in what I remember as around 25 hours. I always have some way to figure out playtime - but it's hard to be precise about it.

I played the game in a pretty careful and cerebral way up until around halfway through. I think after Hong Kong - I kinda got tired of stealthing through everything - and the game started losing its impact for me at that point. So, the remaining levels were, if not rushed, then at least somewhat half-assed by me. Also, even from the beginning - I didn't exhaustively read books/PDAs. It just wasn't my style back then.

I can easily see someone being very slow and deliberate getting 40 hours out of it.

For DE:HR - and based on the leak I played, the game could have a similar amount of content in it. They say it represents around 1/3 of the game - though it's very hard to be sure. Personally, I only played the tutorial and the first real level - as I didn't want to spoil too much.

I must have spent around 3-4 hours on the first level, and I wasn't being 100% thorough. There should be at least 2-3 more levels like that in the first area - and my personal estimate is that the game will give me around 30 hours of REALLY solid content - and that's a conservative estimate. Also, the game rewards the careful and thorough player - so there's a gameplay incentive to play that way throughout.

I'm pretty good with these things, but obviously I could be wrong.




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