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August 20th, 2011, 21:12
In my game Alistair ended as king married to Anora and Loghain became Grey Warden and was present at the post-coronation.
Iīm pretty sure that if Iīd refused to do the ritual it would be possible for him to make the sacrifice.
Granted, this conclusion was likely only possible due to how I dealt with Alistairīs personal quest, but I donīt think making him more pragmatic was really all that "evil", at least not compared to a lot of other stuff possible in the game.

I also donīt think that playing a rigid goody two-shoes should always net "optimal" results and I think the Alistair/Loghain dilemma was rather well done for both possible Alistair states (idealistic or pragmatic).
And since thereīs quite a lot of possible outcomes, what constitutes "the most logical and emotional ending" is rather disputable anyway.
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