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August 20th, 2011, 22:48
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
You don't have to get defensive. Maybe my writing style causes that, I dunno, but my only point was… how do you get 40 hours out of the game? If I play games slowly and stealthy too, if I stop and survey too, and I finish the game in half that time… where does the other 20 hours come from? It's an interesting question..
I was just pointing out an observation…sorry if that bothered you. You seem to have a hard time comprehending that people can have different experiences with the same game. No less than four other posters in this thread have already stated that they took that long or could understand taking that long, yet you seem to want to act like it's an impossibility because it differs from your own experience.

Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
And seeing you are counting reloads and such… that means you are not going by the in-game clock? If so, how do you know how long it took you? That's a serious question because estimates of how long a game feels can often be wildly off-base.
Once again, I'm counting the total time I spent on my playthrough. That's why I said "around" 40 hours. It's not an exact time down to the minute, but then again I'm not that anal. At least half the games I've played don't timestamp their save games anyways, so what do you do when playing those games? I play a certain amount of hours per night on a consistent basis, and have done so for a very long time. Let's just say that I'm confident my estimates are not wildly off-base.
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