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August 21st, 2011, 04:29
the steam tracker is probably the most innacurrate form of tracking game time at least for me as i often will leave a game "open" or paused for hours while i go do something, or something just alt+tabbing for a little bit doing something on the computer, and many times i'll even leave it on overnight if i forget or am playing a game with a miserly save system that i need a break from. high inefficient i suppose but that's how i end up with some insanely high game time played scores. also i believe i've said it before but i count reloads and having to replay levels or portions of them into my gameplay time, which can add a bit since i usually play on harder difficulty levels. but back then when i played deus ex i almost always started on normal. if the new deus ex only has a easy, normal, hard difficulty i will probably start on normal as well as i know this is a game i will replay. glad i choose hard on the witcher 2 though as it made the experience longer and since i've little desire to replay it, at least until substantial content is added, i already kind of got an "enhanced" experience from the challenge, though the inventory/carrying weight was probably the most reoccuring challenge.
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