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August 21st, 2011, 07:31
My favored soul managed to pug 3 Gianthold quests on elite (Madstone crater, the maze of madness and trial by fire). So he got his 150 Argonessen favor and 10 extra hitpoints. This means both my TR toons now have 150 Argonessen favor.

He also got his level and now advanced to level 17. He took holy aura and resurrection and new spells. So now he can raise without using scrolls.

I will swap to my paladin for awhile now. He still has a way to go to level 17.

I guess we're still on for GH quests so Rhogu, Mariannelle / Sherrille and Kerriabaka / Kerriatao can get to 150 favor as well. I think we can do all quests on elite if we want to if one of the rogues (Rhogu or Mariannelle) is in the group.
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