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August 21st, 2011, 08:46
Finished Dragon Age 2 a few hours ago. Man, I'm sad now . Typical post-game depression.
Anyway, I liked the game a lot better than I thought I would after reading all the opinions on it.

Here's what I liked better than in the predecessor:

* Faster, smoother combat appealed to me. I'm not the combat junkie, anyway (which so ruined Wiz 8 for me), so if I can't avoid it I'd rather have it be over quick.
* The change in artistic style grew on me to a point where I actually preferred it over that of DA:O. I especially liked what they did to the Elves - for me, their new, alien look added to their mystery, and it made me feel less sore about not being able to get along well with Merrill.
* Having a bunch of companions who caused me headaches for 75% of the time? No, I'm not complaining. I even liked the changes from Awakening, to be true. Just overhearing them talk to each other felt like being back in the open-plan office I fled three years ago. Not that I had liked it there, but if felt real, somehow.
* The same goes for the whole situation in Kirkwall: Personally, I'd hate to be there, but I have been 'there' already (albeit on a different level) IRL, so I found this uncanny. Talk about trying to be the voice of reason among raving lunatics of all sorts. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place they nicely captured the atmosphere of the place I work at , just that I stopped reasoning long ago. I'm far more tempted to tear the place down nowadays, mainly because I hate to be pushed around and it developed into a 'us' or 'them' situation at one point. Ugh.
* No cross-skilling. It actually made me afraid for a moment when I thought I'd lose both my tank and DPS and would have to fight the final battles withought a fighter .
* Not being able to choose Dog as a companion. Right, I liked that better because even though I loved Dog there was more party banter this way.

Here's what I liked better in the predecessor:

* Being able to talk to my companions whenever I wanted. Though it was a bit distracting when I mis-clicked and somebody stopped to talk to me in the middle of a fight.
* Female dwarves! I haven't seen any in Kirkwall and surroundings.

So here's my initial and my final team - headaches aside. At least I was faithful.
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