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August 21st, 2011, 12:54
Last night I finished up my first play-through of Call of Pripyat with the Complete mod installed. It's quite possibly the most accessibly coherent and well polished of all the STALKER games to date. The fallout style ending slider was also very unexpected, as was the amount of choices of impact there were story wise.

One of the improvements I felt was the rewards for artifact hunting, which I didn't get into with as much enthusiasm in the previous games. As a result, I completed all of the optional science based missions in Jupiter, which is one of the three main quest hubs in the game.

I felt plot wise that the game started to wind down by the time you get to Pripyat itself, which wasn't as compellingly portrayed as it was SoC and felt somewhat empty in contrast to the previous two areas.

Overall I still probably lean towards Shadows of Chernobyl for its sheer atmosphere and plot. However, Call of Pripyat comes in a close second for me and provided a radiated bevy of post-apocalyptic themed exploration.
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