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August 21st, 2011, 17:39
I'd like to see everyone both with 150 Argo favor and at least level 16 for the TR's before hitting Vale. We can also hit Tor once we're certain CM's characters are flagged; I think Tao needed Crucible still. Personally, I'd prefer hitting 17 before tackling the Vale, there's still plenty of xp to go. We can swap over to the Harbringer pack for a break from GH or Necro IV elites if we're getting burned out on GH.

Once at 17 and flagged for Reaver, those of us who will can get some xp by running the raid. Reaver actually isn't hard, far easier than DQ even on normal. Most pugs either roll on who tanks the Reaver, or a drow wizard does it.

I would still carry scrolls as a backup. All of my characters right now carry Raise Dead, Restoration, and Heal scrolls. More than a few heal scrolls have been burned healing party members, and I've raised more than a few inept hirelings.
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