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August 21st, 2011, 18:59
Finally getting to play this game…. and getting my butt kicked!! I'm playing on Normal…. seriously??? This is like Gothic hard… only more frustrating. I just cleaned out my first cave of Nekkers after around 15 re-loads. Finally struggled through it using traps, signs, and every buff augmentation I could.

Now I'm stuck just trying to get the Kayran Mucus sample. - There is a wave of drowners that attack right after arriving at the location. I am finding it impossible… Is this game like Gothic where you have to grind out some in-town simple quests until you level up enough to handle certain areas? I'm on the verge of level 8, with health stats maxed given my current options. I'm using augmented Blue stripes armor, and buffing my silver sword. I've set traps, used signs, etc… but as soon as I get in the thick of combat the drowners kill me in like 5 seconds. I mean.. really?!?
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