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August 21st, 2011, 20:15
I personally don't have any use of the current incarnation of tablets like iPad. I have my Kindle which is great for reading, but what I really miss is a substitute for pen & paper. Ideally it would be something akin to Kindle with color display, pen support, and great battery time.

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I bought an ASUS EP121 Tablet earlier this year. It costed me a hefty chunk of money but I haven't regret the decision at all, in fact it might just have been one of the best moves I have done on computers for a long time. The total freedom and versatility I have felt with this device is unmatched by any device I bought before.
The setup looks nice but I would go crazy with only 3 hours battery time. Admittedly, Windows 7 isn't the best OS for keeping battery utilization at a minimum, but on my laptop I can stretch the duration quite a bit by dimming the display.

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Apple is sitting on the Apps market. No matter how great the alternatives, they will dominate because of that - exactly like the good old Betamax/VHS debacle.
I think Apps is a fad. I think ultimately applications delivered through the webbrowser will rule the world, with or without Apple or Microsoft, with the added irony that Apple enabled it in their fight against Adobe Flash.
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