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August 21st, 2011, 22:29
Hey there. Incidentally I've been looking for two (or more) player board games as well. I'm trying to get my wife into more serious gaming. She did play PvZ and Puzzle Quest a lot but I can't really get her interested in other games. So I'm going the board game route.

San Juan, 2-4 players, best with 3

Our first game we've had for a week and played 10 times is actually a card game, which is lots of fun with two players and was a total success. She loves it! And so do I, of couse. It's an easy to learn deck building / trading card game with surprising depth and is the card game version of Puerto Rico. An excellent gateway game (read: game to get non-gamers used to and hooked on gaming).

There's an expansion for it that is recommended and makes the game even better, but as it's part of a box with expansions for multiple games (some other games by alea including Puerto Rico), I'm holding out on the investment for now.

Race for the Galaxy, 2-4 players, best with 2 or 4

Another card game I'm very much interested in. It has the same game mechanics as San Juan — phase based role selection — but is supposedly a lot more difficult to learn, more complex and with more depth. What intrigues me most is the space setting.

Eclipse — New Dawn for the Galaxy sounds awesome too but isn't available yet.

Arkham Horror, 1-8 players, best with 4 players

This is going to be our first real board game. It's complex, which is why I opted to get San Juan first. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's Mythos, this CoOp (!) game sounds a lot like a RPG with an ominous atmosphere and a story that unfolds as you play. Best of all, you can play it alone so if my wife or friends don't like it … no matter, I'm sure I will.

Earth Reborn, 2-4 players, best with 2 (or 4)

A game I definitely want to get some day in the future. This game looks fantastic. Some kind of post-apocalyptic, squad-based skirmish board game that's being compared to Jagged Alliance 2 or X-Com: Ufo Defense (aka UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe) in terms of gameplay, as well as Mutant Chronicles, although I don't know that one. There's an epic user review at boardgamegeek that made my mouth water just by reading it.

Looks like something Jaz would like.

Originally Posted by Omega View Post
Don't let your fiancee decline Twilight Struggle because of the cold war theme, I'm a woman too and have no attraction whatsoever to playing boyish bang-bang-you're-dead war games. TS is all about strategy.
Thanks for the recommendation, I read about the game but was indeed worried about the setting, but I guess my doubts were unfounded.
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