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August 22nd, 2011, 00:39
I agree that we should try to let all toons get the 10 hp reward from reaching 150 Argonessen favor. I think JM, Cm and DteOwner all need more favor on their toons so we can still play in GH for awhile. Since some of us will repeat quests there (already having 150 favor) it means we can probably do all quests on elite and get 150 favor fast.

It's also good XP.

We can even do Necro 4 quests before we hit the Vale. We need to get CM's toons to the levels of the rest of us so playing with the level 20 toons when she is away could be a way to avoid Kerrabaka and Kerriatao from falling too far behind. Her toons are not TR'ed so she should quickly catch the rest of us. I need almost 60k XP per rank when at level 17. So progress is really slow.
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